Financial Accounting

General Ledger

Multi Journal
Exchange Journal
Cash book / Bank book printing
Bank statement
Voucher printing (All Types)
Ledger printing (GL, SL, RL, PL, JL)
Trial balance (Monthly & YTD) (GL, SL, RL, PL, JL)
Profit & Loss (Monthly & YTD)
Balance sheet
Ledger listing in Foreign currency
View Voucher
Account Enquiry
- Collection Register
- Receipt Register
- Payment Register
Cash Flow Statement
Activity Listing (Documents creation tracking)
Trial Balance Extended
Trial Balance with Comparison
Profit & Loss Extended
Balance Sheet Extended
Recurring Journal
Bank Reconciliation
Not over cheque maintenance
Cost center reporting and Budgeting
- Defining cost centres
- Cost centre based posting of entries
- Cost centre based reports
- Budget creation
- Variance analysis
- Comparison with previous years or with any given period
Budget Maintenance
Drill down from TB & BS up to voucher
Locate Voucher
Bank EDI
Offline Posting of vouchers with approval
User Definable formats for TB, P&L and BS
Post Dated Cheques
- Reived cheques
- Issued Cheques
- Automatic reversal on due date
- PDC Register printing
- Reflection of PDC’s in statement of account

Receivable Ledger

Credit note
Online allocation from receipts
Offline allocation
Customer enquiry (Balance & outstanding transactions)
Statement of Accounts - Outstanding Statement
Age analysis Base Currency
Age analysis Currency wise
Sales register - Job wise
Sales register – Number wise
Sales day book
Segregate cash and credit sales in report
Facility to generate supplementary invoice
Receivable Account Enquiry
Miscellaneous Invoice & Credit Note
Receivable Age Analysis
- Salesperson wise
- Detail
Statement of Accounts
- Detail
- Multi-currency
- With reference
- With shipper reference
- Sundry Customer
Receivable Overdue Statement
Sales Register
- Customer wise
- Salesperson wise
Credit Facility Management
- Credit facility allowance / blockage per customer
- Validate credit limit before opening new Job
- Settings to avoid credit limit over run

Payable Ledger

Purchase invoice
Credit note received
Payments against purchase invoice
Age Analysis Base Currency
Age Analysis Currency wise
Supplier enquiry (Balance & outstanding transactions)
Purchase register – Job wise
Purchase register – Number wise
Purchase day book
Facility to hold payment for supplier invoice
List of held payments
Payable Statement
Payable Age Analysis – Detailed

Job Ledger

Job Profit
Cost > Provision
Pending Provision
Financial Closing / Re-opening of Jobs
Open Jobs List
Sales Scrutiny
Job P&L
Profit Transfer List
Cost element analysis
Post Provision