Warehouse Management

Stock Movement

- Advance Shipment Note (ASN)
- Records the intimation received from customers regarding forth coming shipments
- Facility to convert ASN to GRN
- Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
- Records the items actually arrived in warehouse.
- Updates inventory with stock arrived.
- Calculates CBM based on the attributes prvided in the item master.

Outward - Delivery Order (DO)
- Records the shipment orders received from customers
- Goods Dispatch note can be generated from DO
- Goods Dispatch Note (GDN)
- Records the item actually moved out of the warehouse
- Acts as PoD for delivered shipments
- Updates inventory for stock delivered.

- Cross-doc Service document (CD)
- Records movement of items that pass through the warehouse without storage
- Will be updated to inventory as in and out simultaneously thereby not affecting the stock balance.

Location Control
- Multiple Facility creation option
- Unique Location code for each pallet location
- Auto / Manual Put Away
- Auto / Manual Picking
- Location Reservation
- Item wise location control
- Property wise location control
- Customer wise location control
- Location transfer
- Location tracking

Barcode Interface (Including 2D Barcodes)
- Bar-coded Location Control
- Bar-coded Put and Pick
- Serial Number Scanning

Charge Calculation & Posting

Storage and Service Charge
- Automated Storage Charge Calculation
- Document wise Service charge entry
- Monthly or Document wise invoicing
- Customer wise or Item wise charge Setting
- Slab based charging
- Storage Charge calculation on CBM/WT/QTY
- Invoicing of Charges
- Credit Note to Customers

Posting to Accounts
- Automated posting to accounts
- Customer outstanding updated instantly
- Up to date warehouse revenue figures readily available


Inventory Reports
- Current Stock Report
- Stock Ledger
- In / Out Movement Transaction
- Property Stock Report
- Reference Document wise stock report
- Ageing Report

Other Reports
- ASN Register
- GRN Register
- DO Register
- GDN Register
- CD Register
- Master Listing

Location Control Reports
- Item wise Location report
- Location wise item report
- Customer wise item wise location report
- Property wise location report
- Warehouse occupancy status report
- Location status report
- Variance Report

Storage and Service Charge Reports
- Service wise charge report
- Day wise storage/service charge report
- Item wise charge report
- Customer wise charge report
- Charges Transaction Report
- Salesman wise Income Report
- Invoice/Credit Note Printing
- Invoice/Credit Note Register