Freight Operations

All job related activities done from a single module. This avoids switching between various modules / screens thus saving time and trouble for users.

Quotation generation and tracking. Linking of quotation to jobs.

Handles Air / Sea / Rail / Road, Import / Export and multi-modal single and consol jobs

Complete costing module. Pre and post operation costing module helps in identifying the profit of a job well in advance of executing it.

Automatic notification of cargo status through preferred communication method of customer, Fax / Email / SMS.

Complete monitoring of time from enquiry to delivery of cargo with automatic notification of failures.

Automatic triggering, assignment and monitoring of various tasks like pickup of cargo, delivery of cargo, AWB execution etc. This module automatically posts remainders to assigned users.

Job history. System keeps track of all activities done through a job. E.g., printing of documents, generation of invoice, modifications to the job, etc. Each activity will be recorded along with the user id and date/time stamp.

Booking module maintains the bookings done for customers and helps in salesman analysis. Automatic booking confirmation is sent by the system once customer confirms booking. In case of ocean LCL, this module help in deciding on the type of container to be booked for a particular route as the booking is stored based on load/discharge port.

Transport module. When a pickup or delivery request is registered against a job, system automatically generates a task for the transport controller. Pending pickup/delivery status will be known at any point of time. Automatic reminders will be triggered from the system.

Cheque request is generated from the system and is processed by an electronic workflow.

Filed rates. System allows storing of rates against customers which will be picked by the system for calculation of charges.

All major EDI messages generated by the system.

Intelligent printing. Default output destination can be set for each report and user.

Full security. Module level, user / group level permission settings. Access can be provided for any or multiple operations. (view, add, modify, delete and print).

Fully two-way integrated accounting system. A full-fledged accounting system is totally integrated to the operations module. The accounting system has general ledger, receivable, payable, asset maintenance and PDC.

Detailed Functionalities

Define Job Types
Maintain unique number for each job
Handle multi-currency entries in a job record
Calculate provisional job profit from cost sheet
Perform “Operational closing” of jobs
Freeze related changes after job closing
Facility to open jobs without linking to a MAWB or MB/L
Link job number to:
- MAWB record
- HAWB record
- MB/L record
- HB/L record
- Container number
- BOE number
- Customs duty receipt number
- Customs deposit receipt number
Directly access the MAWB
Directly access the HAWB
Directly access the MB/L
Directly access the HB/L
Record the estimated cost for each service on job cost sheet
Facility to hold job
Enquiry on:
- Job number
- Job type
- MAWB number
- HAWB number
- MB/L number
- HB/L number
- Customs deposit receipt
- Vessel / Voyage
- Customer
- Container number
Restrict duplicate printing of House documents
Restrict elements appearing on Arrival notice
MAWB Printing original (on neural stationary)
Maintenance of truck master
Maintenance of driver master
Facility to link truck to driver and driver to truck
Facility to store country where a driver has permit to enter
Locate driver based on permitted country
Generate and print truck way bill
Printing of driver’s agreement
Job Register
Open Jobs List
Held Jobs List
Job Status Report
Cost sheet summary – job type wise
AWB / BL Draft Printing
Barcode Label Printing for Air Export
e-AWB Printing
Cost Sheet Summary Options
- Salesperson wise
- Airline wise
- Shipping line wise
- Missing Provision
- Missing Cost
- Jobs on Loss
- Profit less than given %
- Actual Profit Less than Provisional Profit
Customs Deposit Alerts and Listing
- List of customs deposits based on expiry dates
- Alert for deposits due for expiry
Delivery Reports
- Pending DOs
- Pending DO Summary
- DOs Released
- Cargo Released
- Pending Cargo
- Expected Shipments
Salesperson Performance and Commission Reports
- Performance (Provisional)
- Performance Summary (Provisional)
- Performance (Actual)
- Performance Summary (Actual)
- Commission
Template Creation for Job Types (Standard Heads)
- Create cost sheet templates for each type of job
- Set buying and selling rates for each service
Job Details – Export to Excel
- Query the details of job on screen
- Execute the query for given parameters
- Select required fields to be exported to excel
Dimension Calculator
- Calculated dimension and chargeable weight using given attributes
- Appropriate calculation method is automatically adopted for Sea Freight and Air Freight
Freight Rate Maintenance and Enquiry
- Air Rates
- Sea Rates (FCL)
- Sea Rates (LCL)
- Land Rates
Quotation Maintenance
- Create and send quotations
- Quotation Approval Process
- Update confirmation from Customer
- Link Approved and Confirmed Quotations to Job
- Automatic validity date checking
- Copy existing quotations to create new quotations
- Terms and Conditions entry and maintenance
Transport Management
- Create Transport Request from Job
- Repository for Transport Requests
- Create Transport Jobs from transport request repository
- Update transport cost provision into job automatically
- Pickup and Delivery date and point
Storage Calculation for Import Cargo
- Storage Rate Maintenance
- Automatic storage calculation from import jobs
- Storage Location control
- Part delivery of cargo
- Over-ride storage charges
- Discount calculation on storage charges
- Storage Invoice
Document Storage and Retrieval in Electronic Form
- Scan and attach Job Documents
- Scan and attach Customer Documents
- Scan and attach Driver Documents
- Retrieve attached documents to view or print
Cash on Delivery (CoD) shipment handling
- Capture the details of CoD in Job
- CoD shipment pay mode setting
- Tracking of receipts
- Tracking of remittance to shipper
AWB Stock and Reporting
- AWB Receipt
- AWB Utilization
- AWB stock maintenance
- AWB Reservation
- Handling of system/manual/CTO and other AWBs
- Calculate commission due from airlines based on predetermined rates at job level
- Identify commission and non-commission sales
- Automatic calculation of Due Carrier charges based on airline / region
- Airline Sales Report (ASR) Interim without posting
- Airline Sales Report (ASR) Final with posting
- Incentive Report
- Credit Note
- Debit Note
- Automatic cost booking to jobs
- Nil Report printing
Electronic Cash/Cheque Request
- Request for Cash/Cheque against job from within the job or out of job
- Electronic flow of requests
- Automated emails against requests
- Set multiple approval levels
- Set amount limits for each approval levels
- Approval history maintained
- Notification to accounts for posting
- Voucher generated automatically
- Automatic On-forwarding
- Pending shipments report
- Automatic transfer of transshipment job to booking list
Consol Job Handling
- Maintain parent / child relationship between house and master
- Convert single job to consol job
- Maintain booking list for export consolidation
- Tracking of booking reference from job
- Maintain independent cost sheet for each sub job
- All sub job cost sheets gets accumulated on to master job cost sheet automatically
- Automatic apportionment of cost and sales booked on master job among sub-jobs for relevant reports
- Out-Turn Report
Copy Job
- Copy existing job to create a new job if majority of the data is same for new job.
- Makes data entry easier
- Reduces data entry mistakes
MIS Report Options
- Customer wise (Air/Sea Export/Import)
- Customer wise Route wise (Air/Sea Export/Import)
- Airline wise Sector wise (Air Export/Import)
- Shipping Line wise (Sea Export/Import)
- Sector wise Airline wise (Air Export/Import)
- Sector wise Shipping Line wise (Sea Export/Import)
- Country wise Airline wise (Air Export/Import)
- Country wise Shipping Line wise (Sea Export/Import)
Performance Reports
- Sea Freight Details (Sea Export/Import)
- Sea Freight Summary (Sea Export/Import)
- Sea Freight Consol (Sea Export/Import)
- Co-Loaded Exports
- Air Freight Monthly Tonnage (Air Export/Import)
- Air Freight Yearly Tonnage (Air Export/Import)
- Air Freight (Export Shipments)
- Air Freight (Import Shipments)
- Job Type wise Targets
- Sales Person wise Targets
- Customer wise Performance
- Product wise Performance
- Job Count